Fresh bow-ties, colorful socks, collars, watches, and much more.

What is a most famous thing about Seattle? Yeap, RAIN! Not too many days you can enjoy sunshine, but often enough you experience heavy clouds over your head and lots of grey colors.

Imagine yourself living through those days, going to and from your work in a rain, siting at your office in a black suit, and seeing everything with shades of grey. It surely will make you feel down and depressed, but you know what will bring a smile back on your face? One single thought that this very morning you woke up, pulled out a drawer full of socks and picked out the brightest pair. Yes, no one can see them, but that very same pair of socks will help you to live through those cold and rainy days.

Bright socks to overcome depression

Bright socks by Sammy Icon


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